Number 2: Blogs

Earn money blogging

Setting up a blog is the easiest thing with blogger or wordpress, it takes no particular knowledge to setup a very good looking and user friendly blog.

The thing is that the set-up doesn’t make the traffic, and to make money writing your own blog you need traffic. Why? Because if thousands of people come to see you blog everyday, it means it’s worth something for advertisers.

How to get traffic?

You have to write on any subject people like. Write reviews of books, movies, write about fashion…anything. If you have quality content on your blog someone will eventually read to refer your blog page to someone else. In a few months you could be having thousands of readers.

Selling advertisement spots.

Advertise the fact your selling advertisement spots. Have the detailed traffic stats of your pages and say why someone should be paying to advertise on your page.


Easier than having to sell and negotiate the prices with advertisers, adsense will automatically put in ads that are in relation with what your blog is about. Adsense is easy to set up, in a few seconds you could be earning 40 to 10 cents per click on these ads. A thousand click and you could be making 400$, some bloggers have that thousand clicks every day. That’s 12 thousands a month. Not bad for an unpublished unknown writer.

How to get started?

Sign up to Blogger or Wordpress and adsense. Start writing .


No programming skills, easy to set-up, get paid monthy with adsense.


It had to build traffic, unless you are a very good writer.


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